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clayon roof tiles

clayon roof tiles

Clay Roof Tiles

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Clayon roof tiles are produced using the highest quality clay under stringent quality control and most importantly, they are made to last. This is why they are the ideal choice for uncompromising professionals who demand the very best of top-end real estate development.

Clayon roof tiles have been used in many prestigious housing projects throughout Malaysia. Many developers and architects perceive our roof tile system as a helpful mean to enhance the quality and value of the properties they build and design.

natural red roof tile
Natural Red
maroon roof tile
dark blue roof tile
Dark Blue

The following are some of the benefits that Clayon roof tiles can bring to you:

  • Highest Quality: All our products are under constant monitoring and stringent quality control to ensure that they maintain to meet the strict quality requirements imposed by the Singapore Standards (SS) and SIRIM (Malaysia).

  • Easy Installation: The flat underside design provides fast and easy installation.

  • Interlocking Features: The double interlocking features prevent leakage in a downpour while providing strong tile-to-tile linkage at the same time.

  • Environmental Friendly: All the roof tiles are made from 100% natural clay without added synthetic colorants. Its natural colour enhances any roof design by imbuing the entire structure with style and elegance.

  • Create Perfect Living Environment: The natural materials ensure a healthy and pleasant top quality living environment and the natural colour of clay is definitely warm and inviting.

  • Excellent Insulation: The inherent qualities of clay provide an effective natural barrier against heat and noise.

  • Economical: Long life; shown to have a useful life of about 80-100 years. Good value protection (resale value) and no requirement for subsequent painting or coating.

Parts and Accessories - Technical Data - Easy Laying Guide