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Clay Pavers - Easy Laying Guide

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  1. A good foundation is essential. You must first consider the soil conditions, sufficient surface water drainage, and traffic usage for the area where the Clayon pavers will be laid.

  2. All the edges of the foundation must be restrained with the use of Clayon bull-nose, walls, concrete kerbs, existing paving or other suitable materials.

  3. A layer of loose sand (about 4cm thick) must be spread evenly over the foundation with an allowance of 1cm for compacting.

  4. You can now start laying your Clayon pavers on the foundation. Make sure that each unit is carefully locked to each other; no cement or mortar is needed for this. At this point, you can cut and trim the pavers to fit if necessary.

  5. f your paved area is large, you are advised to use a sheet of plywood between vibrator and pavers for compacting while a rubber mallet and a block of wood will be enough for smaller areas.

  6. The gaps between the pavers should now be filled with dry fine sand and there should be no sand left on top of the pavers.

  7. The work of paving is now complete. It's easy, isn't it?

Please note:
The above illustration serves as a guide for light pedestrian usage only.

Introduction - Premier Series - Heritage Series - Tumbled Pavers - Technical Data